End-of-the-Year Teacher Gifts :: Another Way to Support Local Businesses


End-of-the-Year Teacher Gifts :: Support Local Businesses

We’ve Almost Made It

We’ve almost made it to the end of the school year (almost being the key word here)! While we do not have to worry about end-of-the-year parties, recitals, and tournaments, we can still remember the ones who got us to this point: the fabulous teachers!

end-of-the-year teacher gifts

Without our teachers, I am not sure this momma would have any hair left on her head (and let’s not even discuss the current state of my hair)! After quarantining, I have a much higher appreciation for our teachers. They are heaven-sent, for sure!

Ready To Buy?

First of all, set a budget. I know no one likes that word (especially me). But some of us have to buy for more than one teacher, so let’s make sure we are realistic. Plus, money is probably a little tighter this year for many of us since the lockdown.

Secondly, make a list. If you have multiple kids, don’t get two monogrammed towels for “Mrs. Smith” and accidentally forget “Mrs. Joe.”

Thirdly, let’s shop! I am not a teacher myself, but I have been buying for teachers for about 15 years now. I asked a few teachers, “What do you really want?” Well, I can tell you for sure that they do NOT want anything with an apple on it! Gift cards and class gifts are always appreciated.

Teachers also realize how important it is to support local (especially in times like this). They want to give back to the businesses that give so much to our schools.

end-of-the-year teacher gifts

Shop Local, Support Local

I cannot stress this one enough during this time: SHOP LOCAL if you can. Remember those stores that supported your school’s fall festival or race fundraiser? Now is our time to repay their generosity. We can help those businesses stay afloat during these crazy economic times. Local stores are smaller, and therefore, a little less crowded. Just throw on a cute mask and shop locally in store! There are also many local stores that let you purchase online and do curbside pickup. 

Favorite Local Shops

Here are a few of my favorite local shops for teacher gifts:

  1. Ashley Mac’s gift cards. You can pick one up from one of their four area locations, or you can simply go here to purchase a gift card online that will be digitally sent directly to your teacher. It doesn’t get any easier than that!
  2. Stella Boutique in Gardendale offers local delivery and can even put together cute little gift baskets for your favorite teacher!
  3. Monograms Plus in Vestavia carries everything from art to jewelry to home decor . . . and more. The friendly staff is always available to give gift suggestions for even the pickiest of teachers.
  4. Local nurseries such as SHOPPE, Andy’s Creekside Nursery, Leaf & Petal, and Murphree’s (to name a few) are all packed with gorgeous plants and flowers to brighten your teacher’s home.
  5. Alabama Art Supply offers delivery and curbside pickup for those teachers who want to relax and tap into their creative side this summer!
  6. Holland & Birch offers beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry that can even be customized in house.
  7. You can purchase gift cards to many local restaurants via Instagift including Rojo, Ash, Vecchia Pizzeria, Taco Mama, and many, many more! Super convenient. 
  8. Thank You Books and Little Professor Bookstore are both locally-owned bookstores that carry almost anything a book-lover could want!
  9. Do you have a favorite local photographer? Buy a gift certificate from him or her for a “front porch photo session” of your teacher and her family!
  10. And last but certainly not least: a thank you note. Now, more than ever, we ought to show (and write) our deep appreciation for all the amazing ways teachers have adapted, supported, loved, and taught our children this year.

What are your favorite go-to local spots for teacher gifts? Please share in the comments below as we’re always looking for more ways to honor our teachers and support local businesses!

P.S. Whether you slip into a little boutique or spend some time online, know that it is okay to “ADD TO CART” a little something for yourself, Momma! You deserve it! 😉

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