Our Journey to Kindergarten


It really is hard to believe it’s time for our daughter to go to kindergarten. I want to say that I’m prepared for this stage of life, but I’m not. Most of my friends who know me, know that I’ve expressed my readiness for our daughter to spread her wings and be independent on her own, and that is even hard to type. I know that she is ready, but am I?

My children have been with me at work and at home from Day One of their lives. In both part-time and full-time childcare situations, I’ve always been where they attend childcare. Let me tell you, that is difficult and has definitely had its challenges. A mother’s natural instinct and her heart want to check on her babies, but you don’t want to upset them either. I very much enjoyed being able to take them with me and have them with all of their other friends, but it did make work hard. Do I peek in and take the chance of them seeing me? Do I go get a quick hug because I haven’t seen them in a few hours? It’s a hard place to be in. But, it’s also been a huge blessing to have them with me all day. So, bear with me as we make this transition . . . it’s going to be a big one! I’m sure you’ve heard the days are long and the years are short, and it is so true.

All that to say, we are ready for this adventure. I am excited for what kindergarten will bring, including a new schedule (who does not benefit from a routine schedule?) and new friends and relationships. I think what I am most looking forward to will be watching our daughter grow. I know most moms preparing for this stage of life are teary-eyed, and that’s okay (I am, too!) We have every right to be; this child (our baby) is heading off on a new adventure in life, one that we aren’t involved in. We trust the teachers to lead and direct their little minds, which is a hard and challenging job. This adventure will be great for all young mothers to watch as their children mature and grow each and every day and come home with new and exciting stories to tell. 

As we prepare for Day One, we look forward to the back-to-school shopping for school supplies (on tax-free weekend!) and making it a fun and exciting day. I am constantly reminding our daughter about how much fun it will be and all the new friends she will make to help ease her fear and anxieties. Some children may have trouble with transitions or change, and I have found this to help our family in big transitions. I know that everything will go smoothly for her, and hopefully for myself (that is what I keep telling myself, anyway!)

Let the journey begin!