Celebrating our Educators During Teacher Appreciation Week


When it comes to appreciation gifts, who deserves them more than teachers?

They spend their days with our kids, teaching and loving them, and that’s something you can’t put a price tag on.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a week-long celebration in recognition of teachers and the contributions they make to education and society. It is held in the first full week of May of every year (this year, May 6 – 10) and provides an opportunity for students, their parents, and school principals to show their appreciation for the hard work teachers do and the long hours they put in. 

Teacher Appreciation Week - gift ideas for the teachers who educate and love your children
My son with his 4th grade teacher, whom I appreciate so much!

Most schools promote this, and they may even come up with a theme and ask for different gifts for each day. (My daughter’s preschool even participates and had theirs in April).

Whether there’s a theme or not, coming up with gift ideas can be a challenge. Before you stress out about what to buy, see if your child’s teacher has a favorites form. Many fill out one at the beginning of the year, so check with your room mom or with the school office to see if they have one on file. If not, there are plenty to choose from on Pinterest. Just download one and e-mail your child’s teacher a copy to fill out and send back, then share the information with other parents in the class.

Now for the gifts. Coming up with ideas can be hard, so I polled some of my teacher friends and the majority of the responses were:

Gift cards

Let them get what they want with a gift card! Here are some of the most requested spots: Target, Amazon, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, their favorite boutique or restaurant.

Anything monogrammed

From door hangers for the classroom, to tumblers to hold their drinks, we are in the South and most women love anything with a monogram! Other ideas are hand towels, shirts, or anything with their favorite team colors.

Teacher Appreciation Week - flowers brighten anyone's day!

Flowers or plants

Nothing can brighten someone’s day like a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a pretty plant. 

Other easy ideas include:

  • A summer-themed basket filled with a towel, water bottle, and sunscreen.
  • A pamper-themed basket filled with things like a face mask, lip balm, bath bomb, or nail polish.
  • A movie-themed popcorn bucket with candy and movie ticket or Redbox code.

When in doubt, just visit Pinterest for plenty of ideas and free printables. Teachers will no doubt love any kind gesture and knowing how much they are appreciated!