Back to School for Mom


Now It’s Mom’s Turn for School!

Thankfully, school is well underway and our children are getting settled into their daily routines. If only it was that easy for us as parents! We focus on the daily grind for our children that likely consists of the following:

  • waking up our sleepy heads (not always the most pleasant experience)
  • feeding our children breakfast
  • getting school clothes on
  • signing folders/homework
  • putting water bottles and lunches in backpacks
  • finding lost shoes
  • grabbing a mask (depending on school system requirements and personal choice)
  • getting out the door to the bus

Whew! Something about typing that was exhausting.  

Now, my family has thrown another factor into the crazy mix of the morning. I recently accepted a position at my children’s local public school and wow—what a blessing! I’ve enjoyed the incredible dynamic of the public school system, as well as the broad range of diversity among the faculty, staff, and children. It truly is a joy to see your own children interact with other children, observe their kindness, and watch as their curiosities turn into learning opportunities.

Helpful School Day Preparation Tips

If my husband and I have learned one thing, it’s that our mornings can be pretty stressful when we don’t prepare ahead of time. I’ve included some tips below that help us have smooth mornings.

  • Pack a lunch the night before, or look at the menu for breakfast and lunch. Depending on your school system, the menu should be posted online and available for you to view or print at your convenience. This helps us choose days that our children will be eating at school. We have picky eaters on our hands, so we discuss the menu with our children and encourage them to make their own decisions. Currently, breakfast and lunch are offered at no charge in our school system. This has been very helpful to our family as well as others.
  • Look in your child’s backpack at night. This will give you the opportunity to sign any homework or forms, send money, get prepared for picture day, etc.
  • Lay out your child’s outfit the night before school. My children enjoy picking out their outfits (with my assistance) and love having the independence to do so. We also know what shoes we will wear and either have our shoes by their backpacks or on the shoe shelf.
  • Have an idea of what your children will eat for breakfast. If it’s a grab-and-go option, allow your children to get breakfast when they wake up in the mornings. 
  • Wake your child up in plenty of time. This is easier said than done, as we know. Encouraging a consistent morning routine will allow for success for both you and your child.

From Teacher-Mode to Mom-Mode

As many other mothers know, swapping from one role to another can be difficult. I’ve learned over the past few weeks to transition quickly from being a paraprofessional in a school environment to focusing on my two children when they hop off the afternoon bus. Of course, as soon as my children get off the bus they want to play with their friends, so we are thankful for long afternoons that are full of sunshine and allow them to play. This afternoon time allows me to unpack, decompress from my day, and get ready for our evening plans, such as dinner and family time.

I have found that preparing myself makes it easier as well. The preparation tips that I suggested for children are good for me, too! Waking up early, adjusting to a school schedule, getting two children out the door (and myself) before 7:00 a.m. has been an adjustment, for sure; however, I remain thankful. Our schools are open, we have great faculty and staff, and the children and families are happy.

As I navigate this career move and adjust to our new schedule, I encourage you to plan as much as possible to alleviate stress from your daily routine. I hope these tips help you as you prepare your children for successful and productive days!